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What Apple Diagnostic is?

At the genesis, Adam and Eve were roaming in the Garden of Eden, ate an apple from the forbidden tree and we the children of Adam came into being. The fruit stuck to ‘Adam’s apple’ in every one of us. An generic term for fruit ‘Apple’ got forever associated with knowledge, immortality, temptation, fertility and wellbeing.

Once again in 17th century, an apple fell on a tired scientist Newton and classical mechanics was discovered.

A few century later, an young man makes first computer for masses revolutionizing the world we know as today. He chose to name his company ‘Apple’ and his first computer name as ‘Macintosh’, a green varient of Apple.

Apple is much more than a fruit…It’s legacy.

We at Apple diagnostics aspire to take the legacy forward and better human lives.

Why we are different ?

We care for our customers and we strive to provide exceptional healthcare services to our customers using latest technologies, customer centric approach and transparency in operations


We use latest Diagnostics and Radiology machines and customer centric IT systems to help customers easily access their test records

Quality Care

Over last 10 years we have focused on patient-centric and superior-quality medical care. Providing transparent and Quality services has always been our motto and we adhere to it in our every day actions

Patient’s Experience

All Our Labs are designed to give excellent service to patients and provide them top of the world service. We always look for practices to raise the bar on quality health care and safety for our patients.

Qualified Doctors

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