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Mammography is a special type of X-ray imaging designed specifically to image the abnormalities in the breast and plays a major role in early detection of breast cancers. Mammography can show changes in breast well before a woman or her physician can feel them. Successful treatment of breast cancer depends on early diagnosis.  At Apple Diagnostics, we not only screen for breast abnormalities, but also confirm it by diagnostic mammography using additional imaging tests such as Ultrasound. Also, ultrasound guided FNAC or biopsy can be performed at our center with appointment.

Test Preparation:

  • Do not use any talcum powder, perfume, deodorant prior to the test
  • Avoid wearing any metallic items, jewellery when you come for the test
  • Bring your prior mammography images and reports with you on the day of the test
  • Schedule the test for a time when your breasts are least likely to be tender If you haven’t gone through menopause, that’s usually during the week after your menstrual period. Your breasts are most likely to be tender the week before and the week during your period.

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